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We finally have a plan! Everything has to be reviewed and things could change, but my god it feels good to have dates!

As of today: 22nd February 2021, the Government have put the following tentative dates in place for weddings.

8th March // 6 guests (ceremony only tbc)
12th April // 15 guests with a reception
17th May // 30 guests with a reception
21st June // No restrictions on numbers

I know for some of you this is not the news you were hoping for. Others of you may have questions or even a few concerns and I am here to listen to them all.

You still have options and you still have to do what is right for you as a couple! I am here if you need to talk things over – keep reading on for a few suggestions or please drop me an email and I will come back to you.


Like everything we have options and choices that we need to make. It is not a case of one size fits all, you have got to do what is right for you.

CRACK ON // It won’t be the wedding originally planned, BUT YOU CAN GET MARRIED 
We are going to have to adapt/change/readjust and go for it. COVID is going to be around for a long while yet 2021 maybe into 2022 so we need to understand that postponing doesn’t guarantee that your wedding won’t still be affected by some degree of social distancing.  The solution, perhaps, is to go ahead with the wedding as planned in whatever form that can take with xx amount of people and embrace it. Yes, it will be a little strange, it will be small numbers but small can be beautiful, humbling and it will allow you to be married. You can find out more about my Micro Wedding option here

MARRY NOW PARTY LATER // who doesn’t want to have 2 weddings to the same person!
Carry on, stick to your date no matter the COVID restrictions, then have the biggest party to celebrate later. I am putting a pricing option together that will combine the best of both worlds. Your ceremony (for around 2+ hours) on your wedding day and then covering a bloody good knees up later down the line when we can all dance and hug until our hearts are content.

For couples who are planning to split their wedding over two dates, the deposit paid will be applicable to the later date, and the sooner date will require separate payment for those hours, due on the 1st of the month, one month before the wedding (this can be taken out of any balance paid off, but not taken out of the deposit – that goes towards the future date). This is because I am holding two dates, and if the future date is cancelled, I’ll have turned down work on that date and lost work (after a year of no income I need to protect my business so it’s still there when your wedding happens!).

ELOPE // Can’t pick small numbers without missing key members, ELOPE! Say your vows somewhere magical, a mountain, the lakes, on a beach or head to the registry office make it official and have a day just as a couple.

POSTPONE // Postponing your wedding day is an incredibly hard decision to make and it sucks (I totally get it) Not only may financial factors be involved, but delaying a day of celebration with all your loved ones is emotionally very difficult. You have got to do what is right for you.
I offered one free postponement to all 2020 weddings if moving to 2021, but any ongoing postponements will now be required to pay price increase to be inline with 2022 pricing.


Talk to one another – throw some ideas around. Figure out what is most important to you individually and as a couple and work off that!   

If you are making a change – LET ME KNOW BEFORE YOU SET A NEW DATE. I don’t want to add finding a new photographer to your to-do list. 

Consider a change to a weekday – This could help with rebooking as everyone will be wanting weekend dates and venues might not have the availability. If you have flexibility, explore the option. After the year we have had, anything goes, right!

Keeping people updated- If you have a wedding website, I suggest having an area of the site dedicated to updates so that you’re not constantly fielding questions from guests. It will only drag you down having to keep going over it all.

Take time out – These are hard times we are going through. It is hard enough living through this, nevermind trying to plan a wedding. Give your self some time off and time to process your thoughts. 


Please be patient with your wedding suppliers. Work with us, keep us in the loop. We all want to keep your business, I am invested in you and your wedding. We have chatted, passed ideas back and forth, some of you I have already met, I don’t want to lose you.

So on behalf of my fellow industry workers, the venues, florists, MUA, bands, caterers, designers and everyone in between, PLEASE WORK WITH US. 

LOVE WINS – Nothing has ended; you still have forever, when this has blown over you can all get-together. Never forget the luck that you carry – the wait will be worth it when you finally marry. 


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