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Create a visual mood board

I love to share secret Pinterest boards so we can both pin ideas we have for the session. This ensures that we’re both on the same page, and that I know if there is a particular type of shot that you really want.

Sharing lots of images really helps me to see the overall aesthetic that you want to achieve and for us to start to build up a ‘storyboard’  We can then pull these ideas and create a few narratives for your session. The boards will also help us to think about suitable locations for each story and help you to plan outfits & props too.

Prepare a shoot list

It is so important to think about what these images are going to be used for. Where are you using them and how you can maximise your shoot. 

  • Behind the scenes of every day
  • Client interaction
  • Collaborations
  • Your team members
  • Events
  • Products/services
  • Specific space on your website
  • Instagram campaign

It really helps me if you can provide me with a list of shots you require as it helps the shoot to flow better and means I can be sure to provide you with the exact images that you need. The more detailed the better!

If you need a banner image for your homepage where you will be writing text on the side, jot it down so I can take a wider shot of you with lots of white space for text.

If you need some images of hands working on a keyboard, or writing things down, or more relaxed photos of you laughing with a glass of something in hand, please let me know and we can build it into your story

The one thing you need to keep in the forefront of your mind is keeping on brand and showing your personality.  If you are a keen runner, you might want to talk about this on social media so it would be a great idea to have some shots of you sharing your interest. If you have a thing for killer heels or handbags, then let’s get some photos of them for you to talk about on social media or your about me page on your website. Anything that you think tells your story I want to know about. 

Here is a guide to how a shot list might look for one of the stories of your shoot. Planning in this much detail in advance means that we get all of the images that you require.

Option 1 – Dress, heals and jacket

  1. Headshot for about me page – Facing and smiling at camera 
  2. Working on laptop in the office
  3. Sitting in the garden enjoying a coffee 
  4. Taking a photo with your phone
  5. Relaxing in an armchair with a drink or a book
  6. Banner image with white space for website
  7. Banner image pointing to one side for a new online course
  8. Headshot showing a fun side to you
  9. Show off a hobby

Location – Pick a place that compliments your brans and a place that can offer lots of versatility on one site

Office / Studio
Co-working space
Rent a space with the vibe you are after
The great outdoors


Bring everything that you think you will need. Styling is something that will go a long way in your session so think long and hard about it. It will also give the photographer more to work with. Your Pinterest boards will really help you figure out what you are drawn too and what to bring. Remember a photographer is not a stylist!

  • Computer/ laptop / tablet / phone
  • Books/diaries/pens/paper
  • Coffee mugs
  • Florals/plants
  • Furniture
  • Flat lays / candles / motivational quotes
  • Pegboardslayflat laptop on table with yellow tulips 2020 diary and iphone


Outfits – Quick and easy changes

The clothes you wear can make a big difference to the feel of your photos. What you wear says a lot about your brand and style, and plays a major part on the first impressions.

Remember to be you – you have to feel confident and empowered in front of the camera. Tattoos – show them off, quirky style, own it. Don’t wear dresses, don’t wear a dress, DO YOU!

It is always a good idea to bring options with you and to think about events coming up later in the year.

  • Day-to-day
  • Client facing
  • Dressed down
  • Dressed up
  • Seasonal and evens / Summer / Christmas / Birthdays

Leading up to your session

Be organised – Don’t rush. Have everything packed and ready to go beforehand. Outfits / makeup / brush / mirror / props

If we are shooting on location we will want to start early or end late – so be prepared to be flexible with timings.

Try and stay relaxed, remind yourself of why you are brilliant at what you do.  I promise we’ll have a lot of fun!