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If you are planning a relaxed DIY, festival feel wedding – you need to read this post.

This is the Festival Of Love and it did not disappoint. Jemma + James worked their socks off to create a mighty, mighty party at his parents home in Silchester, Hampshire. They wanted to achieve a really relaxed festival vibe, opting for an open air dance floor, (risky, as we know with the wonderful British weather), a stage with several bands playing through out the day, an open sided marquee with banquet style tables, a free DIY bar made out of haybales, sparklers to light up the night sky and tents for all the guests to camp in overnight. It was awesome. It was such a fun day and great to see so many of their wonderful guests with smiles on their faces, even when things got really messy later in the evening Jemma + James’ friends and family were just awesome.

Here is what they had to say:

How they met
We both met 7 years ago when we were working together, we met through mutual colleagues, we were friends for a while before we starting dating. We worked together to create a charity event which we spent a lot of time on together, we realised we made a great team and now we’ve ended up a great team in life, not just at work.

The Proposal
A very romantic surprise proposal at midnight at the top of Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath, London by our house. Beautifully candle lit across the top of the hill with a musician acoustically playing live who was someone we saw in a bar on our first anniversary and loved.

Special Moments or Highlights
Of course getting ready with my best friends and seeing my Mum/Dad in the morning, so much happiness and excitement.  The ceremony with such a great vicar he had good energy and really impressed everyone, that just added to the very emotional moment of getting married.  It was incredible making our entrance into the  festival tent after the ceremony with 150 our our friends and family waiting for us, cheering and applauding. The speeches were fantastic and had everyone in fits of laughter from start to finish!  Having everyone we love in one place having a great time. It’s a pretty special feeling. Then our musicians were brilliant. We loved every second of it. Another highlight was also that most people stayed over in festival tents and we had bacon butties and celebrations all over again the next day so the fun continued!

Advice for other couples
We worked together which was such a great feeling on the day to know we had both worked so hard to make it happen. Both having input I would give as advice to make it really personal to you both is a great feeling.  Second to that would be if you are having a DIY/home wedding with lots of guests a wedding co-ordinator for the day would be a great investment, we wished we had.

Biggest Surprise
The biggest surprise was we managed to remain pretty stress free on the day! Oh, and the UK weather held out too!


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Supplier Details

Dress designer – Sophia Tolli
Shoes – Dune
Make up artist – Stacey Pronger
Hairdresser – Charlotte Elizabeth
Grooms Suit – Patrick Grant
Florist – Miss Mollies Flowers
Bridesmaid dresses – TFNC
Caterer – Uptons Of Basset
Cake:  Emelia Rutt
Band –  Kit Mlynar , Richard James, Bill Ding and the Skyscrapers , Fabrics, Habitats
Videographer: Beaum Media
Venue – Grooms Parents Home