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I am not shooting weddings, you will find me hanging out with lots of super cool families. Families that just let go and want to capture the normal every day. Since becoming a mum nearly 5 years ago (wow – now that is a scary thought…. I nearly have a 5 yr old!!!!!) well since having N, I really have learnt to love the in-between moments. If you were to come to my house and look at the pictures that I put up on my wall, they are the photos where something is happening. Not a perfect, everyone smile at the camera photo. I love movement, I love to see laughter, togetherness and real life.

have been shooting families at home in this way for 2 years now and I truly love it. I think it is a super doooooper recipe for success, you relax, the kids are happy and on familiar turf and it means we get to the good stuff so much faster than if we were out and about, forcing the kids to ‘look at the camera and smile.’

didn’t do a round up of my family stuff last year, so this is a little put together of my favourites so far. Thank you to all the families that have allowed me into their homes and to capture the up’s and downs of parenting!

am so excited to be meeting more you of you lovely folk this year, and even seeing some old faces with tiny new additions to your families!

If you’d like a shoot like this for your own family: