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Two years ago, Liza was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank god it was found early, she undertook treatment and she is now cancer free.

Liza is, well this bit is hard to explain, she is a rarity. She sees the good in everything and everyone. She is gentle, kind, honest, uplifting, trusting and very very much a free spirit. She has been such a positive influence in my life and I can never thank her enough for the guidance she has given me over the years.  After beating cancer,  she wanted to do something big to give back and help the Ark’s Cancer Charity £5million fundraising appeal and the Little Princess Trust – so she decided that she was going to shave all her hair off. Her lovely long, blonde and sparkly hair!

On Saturday I went along to the Candover Clinic in Basingstoke where Liza works, and she did it…..her hair came off in front of a crowd of family and friends. Nearly 200 people were there supporting her and my god you could feel the love in the room. As an outsider looking in I could also see all the people that have had the Liza effect. Colours…. all ill say is colours! Liza had a target of £2,500 and at last count, she has smashed that and is over the £4000.

Everyone is so incredibly proud of her – this is totally a Liza thing to do and she did it her way, with singing and cakes and hugs and smiles and she looks bloody fantastic.
You can still sponsor Liza by going to

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With Thanks to:

Ark Cancer Charity
Arc Hairdressing
Little Princess Trust
Candover Clinic



Well now that’s something to remember – I have the narw-roest feet possibly ever and have always admired Docs.I’m glad you got what you wanted. Love the sweater!!