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You are engaged – YIPPPPPIE. You are going to get married, WAHOOOOOOO and that means you are going to have your photo taken… a lot. For some people, that thought is absolutely terrifying I totally share those thoughts, I do not enjoy being on the other of the camera, I get all weird and teethy, I pull really  strange faces and I hide behind my hair! So I get it, I totally get how you might be feeling.

For most people a couple shoot or your wedding day is the very first time you will of ever of had your photos taken ‘professionally’ that can be a scary thought. ‘What do I do, where do I stand, what faces do I pull, do I look at the camera, what the hell do I do with my hands? Do we laugh, can we move. Do we talk? So I wanted to pop a little something together to help eliminate any doubts, or nerves that you might have and to guide you on how to get the very best images. Images that really reflect the two of you, the kind of images I love to seek out and capture.

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The best way to think about a session is like a mini date. It is just the two of you, alone, (Ignore with with the camera!) It is just the two of you hanging out. Embrace both the crazy, the laughter but also the quiet moments to. I will, of course, guide you, but I need you to let me in and see the real you. So my best advice: Just be you.

The session has to represent the two of you and we all know what you wear can totally affect how you feel and how you act. So it is super important to dress comfortably and wear something that you feel like you in. Im personally not a fan of formal dress, I’m all about ripped jeans, baggy jumpers and pumps (That will with out a doubt be what I am wearing.) My other advise is: Avoid all black, big logos and try not to colour clash.

I love to watch outtakes, the bloopers, its real, they are funny and they me smile.  Shoots have those moments too, just be yourselves, this seems obvious, but sometimes it’s tough to really commit to it and let everything else go. I want to see you two together. I want to see your quirks, how you fit together and just be; I want to see the dynamics of your relationship, for you to set the tone and mood of the shoot. Don’t over think it. ] Do you mess around, do you hug and kiss? Or are you introverted? Their is no right or wrong, I want to experience all of it. The big laughs, the awkward looks, the tiny reassuring touch, the moments you might think of as  the “outtakes”. Because that is when I get the best stuff.

The session itself will be around 2 hours and hopefully we will have a super location to shoot in and work with. I find that couples are at their best if they have had a bit of fun before hand. So get lunch, have a drink, relax, go for a walk. Make it an entire date day!Then when we meet you are both totally in the mood, filled with a bit of silliyness, excitement and hugs!

You’re not there for me. I’m there for you: to document your love. The objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures. Its to capture an exciting stage in your life, while spending time together. YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET MARRIED!

It is not all about the location but the location does play a big part of setting the scene. You have to be happy with your surroundings. Be that at home, in the woods, an art gallery, wondering the streets, on a boat. It has to be something that means something to you both.

Wherever we end up I want you to explore. Climb rocks, take a look down the muddy path, let the wind mess up your hair, who cares if you tread in mud (mud no poo!) If it starts to rain, we’ll keep shooting and have fun with it! If we have to stop between each shot to flatten out your hair or adjust your clothes the whole natural vibe will be thrown off. I want to keep it natural, free flowing and honest, so just let go!

Leave bags and everything else at home or in the car. I want you to be light on your feet and easily mobile, I want you to walk holding hands, be ready for a piggyback.  Because I will shoot all those little in-between moments, all that extra stuff that you think you might need tend to make spontaneous shooting more difficult, so minimalism is the way to go!

Every couple is different, and I want to capture those quirks that make you who you are as a couple. I promise I won’t try to fit you into a mold, I won’t force poses on you, and I’ll adapt my direction to fit your personality. If you keep these tips in mind, we’ll be able to make something great together.

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Absolutely beautifully photo’s and wedding couple!

Thanks Nichola – Happy smiley people are the best