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Wedding dresses, they are a big part of a wedding day. You can spend a fortune on ‘the dress’ and you want it to look just perfect. I totally get that. But ladies why, oh why are you scared of letting your wedding dress get dirty?

 Put it down and let it go! It is your wedding day, show that dress a bloody good time. A dirty dress is a loved dress and It tells the best of stories.


On my wedding day, I climbed up onto a tractor-trailer, sat on a hay bale and got driven down to the church by my parents next door neighbour. Andy my husband dropped chocolate ice-cream down the front of my dress straight after the ceremony. I laughed, it was 32 degrees on the 1st October, it was so crazy hot, all our guests were loving the pop-up ice-cream van and a heat wave in October, who would have ever of thought that would happen!
At the reception, I got in a filthy (and I mean filthy dirty) Landrover and driven across a farm to the woods where I walked hand in hand with Andy through brambles and leaves and berries whilst we had our photos taken. Back with our guests, my dress was trodden on more times then I can remember. My little niece thought it was the best game to jump on the back of my dress when I was walking across the room whilst I tried to drag her across the wooden barn floor, it was fun, it was a game and we giggled. Come the evening when everything and everyone was in full swing I had an entire glass of red wine spilt down the back of my dress. I then bashed into someone and a pint of coke got tipped over me for good measure and I DIDN’T CARE. I laughed, I grabbed them by the hands and we danced like crazy people.
I had the best time with the best people and my dress (and my feet) at the end of the night were hideously dirty, grass stains, berry stains, wine stains and whatever else but my dress totally showed off what we had done in the day, our wedding day, the best day ever. I showed that dress a bloody good time and even now, nearly 6 years later, I refused to get it cleaned. Every-time I sneak a peak, I smile at the dirt!

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So ladies, let it go, swooooosh that dress behind you all day long, just the same way you did in the shop when you first fell in love with it. Eat the ice-cream, drink the wine, climb over the fence with your photographer and then dance like a crazy person!!!!
Your photos are forever, the dress you wear for a day.




OMG! What some beautiful wedding dresses here are!!!. I must follow it on my wedding party. The dresses of this lady is looking gorgeous. Thanks a lot for showing it 🙂

Thanks Kendra, make sure you do. You will not regret it. Just let it follow you around and show that dress a damn good time.