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I teamed up with the lovely Katie from Beauty Infinity to ask her her top 10 tips when planning your hair/makeup trial. Here is what Katie had to say…

“How exciting, you’re engaged and ready to start your 
bridal hair and makeup trial. I’m here to share my top tips to get you prepared including: How long does a bridal hair and makeup trial take? When should I have my bridal hair and makeup trial? Should I wear makeup? Can my friend come along? Don’t worry, I have all the hot questions answered for you.”


1.  Pinterest board
First things first, start a Pinterest board of all your favourite styles and ideas of what you think would work best for you, remember your hair texture and length may be different from the model. It’s always best to have an idea of what you would like, the more inspiration you bring the better, that way it’s easier for us to interpret exactly what you want. If you’re unsure don’t worry, we are here to help guide you on what would work well for you. Think about the style of your whole wedding as a whole: your style of venue, decor, and dress so the styles flow together. For example, if you’re getting married in a manor house you may want your hair and makeup to reflect that to be elegant, smooth and polished, or if you’re getting married at a barn or an outside venue, you may want a more relaxed or boho feel.


2. Come prepared 
I love meeting all my excited brides for the first time, so when I first meet you at your trial, I want to know everything about your big day. If you’ve got accessories or a veil, bring that along to the trial and speak to us if you’re thinking of having hair extensions or lash extensions so we can work together to get the right style suited for you. Give me as much info about your wedding as you can, it will help me get a real feel for the type of style you are going for, this is where we can get excited together looking at your Pinterest board, your dress, your venue.


3. Come clean-faced and product free
For a hair trial, wash your hair the night before and don’t put in any product, you want your hair to be as natural as possible. If your hair is frizzy and you need to do a little taming that is absolutely fine, just don’t overdo it. For makeup come fresh-faced, you can do your normal skincare routine to cleanse and moisturize, but you don’t need to wear makeup. We can also help with advice on skincare and hair and lash extensions.


4. Accessories
Don’t worry too much if you’re not sure what accessories to go for, there’s such a wide range. Once we’ve decided on the style we can help advise, and guide you on what kind of accessories might work best for the chosen style, or even if you wanted fresh flowers added.


5. When should I have a trial
3 months before your wedding is an ideal time to have a trial, if it’s too long before your wedding you may change your mind on what styles you like, although we always take photos and notes, it is always best to have the chosen style fresh in the mind of the artist. If you are having a trial with a couple of artists, have the trials earlier to choose and secure your artist for the day. 

bride with blue eyes having make up done


6. How long should a trial take?
A trial takes longer than your average appointment; we want to have a good chat beforehand to go over all details and ideas of what you like. You may want to try a couple of different styles or tweak anything, on average we say allow roughly 2 hours for a bride, however, we like to keep going until your 100% happy.


7. Speak up & be honest
Make sure you’re 100% happy with every part of your hair and makeup if you’re not completely happy and think something could do with changing, tweaking or adding a little something, then just say, that is what a trial is all about. We want you to let us know exactly what you think so we can change it and make sure you’re 100% happy. The best feeling in the world is when we exceed your expectations and seeing your reaction to the finished look, we want to create that moment for each and every one of our brides.
If you’re not 100% we want to keep on going until you are, this is your big day and it has to be perfect for you.


8. Bring a friend
What’s better than having someone there to compliment you when you’re looking your best? A friend or family member can offer much-needed support and encouragement, or even some tough love if needed. 


9. Take pictures 
We will take photos at the trial, as well as notes to help us remember for the day. But you also want to take photos in different lighting to see what you’ll look like on the day for photos, and who doesn’t love a selfie for the memories.


10. Pay attention after the trial
Check your hair and makeup throughout the day after your trial to see how well it all holds in place. Then if we need to make any changes to keep the curls lasting longer, or ways to keep your makeup looking fresher for longer, we will know. Another little tip, I would always suggest buying the lipstick to reapply on the day, from the colour we choose at the trial and you may need to touch up setting powder if you find you get oily skin or it’s a hot day.