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Sarrah + Ryan

We had Kirsty as our wedding photographer and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. The amount of energy and passion she puts into her work is incredible, and she is just a lovely lady to have around on one of the most special days of your life!

Considering I’m someone who usually hates getting my photo taken she not only really kept us calm and relaxed, she really gave us invaluable advice.
Our pictures are absolutely stunning, really captured our day exactly how I remembered and wanted it.


Catherine + Jack

O...M...G I knew you were going to be amazing but we are still in shock over our wedding photos! You captured our day as if we were right there looking back in at it! The perfect mix of beautiful, all the details, happy, wonderful, hilarious, honest (particularly the drunk ones), our initial ‘flick through’ took us 2 hours and we laughed and cried in equal measures. Can you come and photograph us forever?


Lou + Jack

You did so well to capture not just the what and the who, but the sheer, full-bodied (just like the leftover wedding wine we cracked open last night) emotion of the weekend! All of the emotion, all of the joy, sadness, madness, love, beauty, tears, dancing, excitement, disbelief (the head-in-hands shots were hilarious!) was there, all of the things we loved AND, on top of that, even more, that we never had the pleasure to observe in person. You captured so many moments that, up to now, we have fondly remembered; it's amazing to now have a beautiful photographic record as well. You were so considerate in rounding up elements of decorations and capturing them as a memento. There are a few portrait favourites that really are incredibly powerful and a testament to your abilities; we literally WOW-ed out loud (WOL'd?) Thank you.


Tim + Katie

AMAZING from start to finish! We brought Kirsty out to our wedding in Corfu, Greece after seeing/being involved in her work from a family members wedding. I can not fault anything, the pictures were out of this world and something we will treasure forever. She is so passionate and enthusiastic which made the whole process so much fun and meant she was able to capture every moment.


Sian + Alfie

We cannot begin to describe how much of a privilege it was to have you as our photographer for our wedding day! You made us both so comfortable during lead up to and on the big day, and are such an incredible person, we cannot imagine our wedding day being captured by anyone else and would provide our highest recommendation to anyone considering having you to help capture their day as well. We cannot thank you enough for our amazing photos and for the friendship, support and advice you provided to us throughout.


Michelle + Markus

WE ARE STUNNED, the waves of laughter, happy tears and pure amazement are still reverberating in us. Spirits are so high, what an unbelievable present of incredible joy you have given us! This ain’t no kitschy cheese, we mean every word. you captured the happiness of our day for us – to keep and marvel at for one life long. You captured so many, many hidden moments and emotions, there is so much to look at in the photos, that we cannot stop looking at them! You captured us, you two got us to relax and smile and look one another in the eyes like no other. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Rachel + Matt

I don't even know where to begin saying how great Kirsty was - she was that good. Not only are her photos so vibrant and colourful and full of life, but she was an absolute asset to have on the day. Cheering along and calming stresses. Also just very good fun! Communication has been great throughout and we are SO happy with our photos.


Caroline + Adam

We just want to say a massive thank you Kirsty. We have spent the whole weekend reliving our day and we cannot thank you enough. The attention to detail and the things your magical eyes see through that lens are just amazing. We can never express how much these photos mean to us. It is true a picture speaks a 1000 works but with our photos, we could write a novel. Big love you talented lady.


Lydia + Andrew

Where do we even start? We knew the minute we met you, it had to be you. Thank you for capturing so many beautiful photos of two very camera shy people. You have left us with so many memories to cherish (even if I am doing the tragedy routine!) All the photos make me smile. You are one incredible photographer and so amazing with kids! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


Becka + Brains

We knew we wanted an amazing photographer that would understand Ian and me as a couple and wouldn’t be too staged, we both feel quite awkward in front of the camera and love candid shots. Ian knew Kirsty through a friend and when we looked at her portfolio she was absolutely perfect, and after meeting her we didn’t want anyone else! We are so pleased with all of the photos, they are just incredible.


Katie + Aaron

OH MY GOD, YOU ARE GOOD! The photos are just so amazing. Thank you so much, We are still going back over them, again and again, trying to take each and every one of them in. You have done the most amazing job!


Charlotte + Stuart

We are so happy that we chose you to be our photographer. YOU ARE AWESOME! We couldn't be any happier with our photos. thank you for making our day so amazing (even in all the rain!) You are the best.


Amy + Lewis


Alice + Johney

We can't thank you enough for our beautiful wedding photos. You captured our day perfectly and made us smile, laugh and cry (happy tears) when we look back at them.

You were so much fun and made us feel at ease. Don't ever stop doing what you are doing, you are amazing at it and create such beautiful memories for couples and families. Enormous amounts of love to you.


Jemma + James

Thank you go all of your support on our wedding day. You went above and beyond and the photographs without saying are wonderful and something we will treasure forever.


Billie + Matt

Kirsty your skills are out of this world! We can not thank you enough for our beautiful wedding photos, they are just perfect. With the added bonus that you are a beautiful person inside and out and made us feel so special. We would not have wanted anyone else to capture our love on our wedding day. THANK YOU.


Rachel + Carl

We could not be happier with our wedding photos. We had the most fun, happy and emotional day- and she captured it all. She caught smiles from our most serious friends and tears from our most stoic relatives- she’s a bit of a magician!!

Kirsty is not just an incredibly talented photographer she is so much more. She was involved in so many different elements of our day and made sure everything went smoothly. Including letting our band know we were running behind schedule and finding a new place for our cake to go (when where we planned was too sunny!!)

Kirsty is a genuinely nice, kind and thoughtful person who is fun to be around and is great at putting everyone at ease! We honestly CANNOT thank her enough!