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It’s real, honest everyday life.
I have said it so many times before – but I love how simple and honest family sessions are. We all get caught up in the day to day chaos of life that we hardly get the chance to stop and see how beautiful it all is. The scruffy bed hair, milk-stained PJs, muddy knees, scrunched up noses and belly laughs. How a hug on the sofa with arms and legs entwined can be such a beautiful sight. From my part, it’s so incredibly rewarding to show people that their ordinary is beautiful, that their lives are wonderful exactly as they are, and to show them in the faces of their family members how much they’re loved and how beautiful they are to each other!

It is slow and varied
On a family shoot, it is sooooo relaxed and very much like wedding’s no two sessions are ever the same. Family homes and outdoor spaces are so different that every shoot offers brand new chances to have a little photographic adventure and create something new which is exactly how I like it to be.

It is all about love and truths.
Family photography is timeless. A walk in the park, a trip to the duck pond, a climb in the woods then back home to clean up, eat some food, play a game or two, maybe do some baking then snuggle up for cuddles on the sofa. Family photography isn’t about being cool, or on trend, it’s all about the here and now, the emotions and connections that run deep within a family. The stuff that is happening around you right now is the good stuff. The normal, every day, the things that happen, just because. But it is the collection of all these tiny moments that make up the most important moments in the whole world and I want to capture that, the normal every day. 

It is comfy all the way.
I make no secret of it, I have never really been one to get dressed up (unless I have to!) I love lounging around in my jeans and baggy jumpers and I love editing in my husband’s hoodies. On family shoots I spend most of my time crawling around on the floor on my hands and knees, I am in the mud, soggy from jumping in puddles, hair a bit wild from chasing after the kiddos so comfort is key. That goes for you too there really is no point wearing your Sunday Best as it WILL get wrecked and I am forever encouraging the kids to go off and be a bit wild!

Kids are the best thing to photograph!
Kids are one of my most favourite things photograph. They just go for it and tell you exactly how it is. They couldn’t care less what they look like, led by their emotions, they have no hidden agenda (unless it is working out how to score another biscuit!) they have no social boundaries, absolutely no inhibitions, they don’t judge, they are just open, honest and truthful. They are hilariously funny and genuinely make me giggle my head off and that makes me really super happy!

If you want to get a feel for what I do and what you can achieve with a session at home, have a little look at some of the lovely families I have been lucky enough to work with.

I would love to hear from you. So don’t be shy, say hello and tell me all about your brood.