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Every now and again I get a call or an email from someone that makes me remember to appreciate the now and how important a photographers job can be. Gail was one of these people, she had recently received some awful news and wanted to capture life exactly how it was, the real right now! So I packed up my bags, travelled down to Swindon to hang out with the Caldwell family. 

They welcomed me with open arms and gave me a little glimpse into there lives together. We played, we baked, walked to the park (and it started to snow!!!!) we ate lunch, played some more and then I took off after bathtime and a bedtime story. 

This is what Gail had to say:  It was a cold frosty morning with the threat of snow in the air when Kirsty arrived. She’d bent over backwards and squeezed me in at the last minute, I’d just been given some awful news and wanted to capture how perfect our family was before it all changed. I’m extremely grateful that I found her. From the second she arrived she was warm and kind and connected with my toddler almost immediately.  She managed to capture so many moments just as they would happen in real life, toddler tantrums included. No posing or white screens to be seen. We managed to cram so much into the session and it was absolutely worth every penny. Kirsty didn’t just take some pictures that day she managed to freeze time and document that moment in our family life forever. I’m so happy with all of our photos!

If you’d like a shoot like this for your own family: