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With wedding photography, I get a lot of referrals from past couples, guests etc and it is so awesome to start to see it happen with my family photography too. The lovely Sall family found me via the wonderful Bryant and Mitchell families who I hung out with a year or two ago.

I travelled near to Windsor in the pouring rain and was met by two of the smartest little kiddos I have ever met. R is learning French and is one awesome little free reader already + P took no time at all to warm up to me and let me and start jumping in muddy puddles with her.  After we caught up and introduced ourselves over a hot chocolate (it was raining and a little bit miserable after all!) we put on our rain gear and went exploring around the village. A lovely long walk over the train crossing down to the river to feed the ducks. Little fact for you…. contrary to what the internet says, ducks do not like frozen peas, we found this out the hard way!

We then walked back home and the kiddos played a few games whilst mum and dad got the lunch ready. R + P then made the yummiest biscuits all from scratch and we scooted out into the garden for a dinosaur mudcake hunt! Once we were all back in the dry, I was treated to a ukelele concert and a puppet show. Then it was time for a quick bath, a story and a good old bounce on the bed to end the day.
It was super spending the day with the Sall family. So much energy and love. It was a real treat to capture a little snippet of their day.

If you’d like a shoot like this for your own family: