My photography style is relaxed, happy, fun and vibrant. Authenticity is key to my approach too. I don’t believe in perfection i’d much rather search out authenticity, those real and relatable moment. Showing things how they really happened, no matter if it is ‘pretty’ or not.

I capture what you ate breakfast, the state the house was in with all the bodies rushing around getting ready, what the weather was like, the mood, where people dumped their coats or hung up their hats, the food cooking, the toddler having a quick wee in the corner of the field, all the kisses and cuddles right up to your mate throwing up into a pint glass towards the end of the night (true story!)

My superdooooooper couples

‘You are fun, full of love and don’t take yourselves to seriously. You like attention to detail but you won’t care if you get your clothes dirty. You love to party and are up for all sorts of adventures.’

You want to have a really chilled out, fun-loving relaxed wedding, surrounded by all the people you love and know you best. By the end of the night your shoes will be off, a drink will be in your hand, shots will most definitely have been drunk, your hair will be a bit messy and you wont be able to stop smiling because you will have just married your best friend in the whole wide world!

My couples are all so very good at letting me in and sharing real emotion, letting me document the happy and honest vibes of the day and by doing that you get a super creative and heartfelt collection of photos to keep forever.

So if you are a happy go lucky couple that are looking for a fun, relaxed photographer that is more like a friend who takes cracking photos and if my images make you feel something then I would love to hear more about you, your story, how you met and where you are with your wedding plans.