What is so lovely about my job (apart from the obvious) is when you get to meet someone that has been an avid supporter of your business right from the get go. Charlotte emailed me a while back asking about a family sessions she used the words words ‘stalker alert’ because she knew about me, my family and all about my business. I was blown away by the simple fact that she had bothered to spend the time to look, read and come on this journey with me.  I often wonder, does anyone care, do people read what I put out there? and then answer is yes, people do!

It means so much to be trusted to enter a family home and take these kinds of photos. Photos that you just would not get outside of your own environment. Photos that show you all as you. I just love it!

So this is for Charlotte and her wonderful: chocolate mad, lego loving, milkshake drinking, crafty family. Enjoy the move and I wish you lots of happy memories in your new home.

If you’d like a shoot like this for your own family: