The stuff that is happening around you right now is the good stuff.

The normal, every day, the things that happen, just because. It is the collection of all these tiny moments that make up the most important moments in the whole wide world and I want to capture that, the normal every day. You don’t just want to look at a photo and say, ‘oh wow don’t we all look so young’, you want to remember your mannerisms and personalities, your quirks and emotions. You want to bottle up personalities and capture particular expressions… all the stuff that made each of you ‘you’ at that point in time. When I am with a family, I fit with you, just capturing things that happen as they happen. The tickles, the giggles, the messy bed hair, grubby faces, the occasional tantrum, all the chaos, the beautiful mess that is family life and most importantly all the love.  I am a mum – I totally get it. 

“Kirsty was a delight from the moment I opened the door to her smiley, friendly face. She was immediately one of the family and mucked in. She was a constant source of delight to the children whilst taking beautiful, natural photos!”  – Nat


Chill out at home, play in the park, head to the beach or walk in the woods. I do not mind where we go as long as it is somewhere that matters to you.
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I would love to hear from you and find out about your family

“Everyone who sees them raves about the photos you’ve taken for us. The children change in the blink of an eye and these photos REALLY capture them and their little characters. I already know a future me will love travelling back in time through these wonderful photos to such a precious time.”  – Lucy