If you have read over my website you will know how much I bang on about the kinds of weddings that I like shooting. What kind of couples I like to work with and why I like working with them.
But just incase you didn’t know, it is the super fun, laugh a lot, hug tight, relaxed type couple who are planning an mega chilled out wedding, where everyone just wants to dance, talk and eat allllllll day long!

And whilst I am super lucky that all these amazing couples find me and we just get each other and everything just works. There are some times when maybe someone does not quite get my style or approach. So I thought it would be useful to write a little about what I do. I’ll be talking a little bit about my work and how my style and approach can fit into your wedding plans.

I say this to everyone that contacts me, but it is really important when booking a wedding photographer that you find someone whose style and approach is a good fit for you and someone that understands you both as a couple. You have got to trust that your photographer will tell your story, really do it justice and that is a big, big thing. Much bigger than just ticking a box on a checklist.

So how would I describe my style? I think I would say that I am a creative documentary wedding photographer with a warm homely feel. I shoot what I see when I see it happening, but I am also a huge sucker for the ‘traditional’ family shots that are so very often the most dreaded part of the day. Why…. Well have a read over http://www.thisandthatphotography.co.uk/how-to-take-stress-free-wedding-group-shots/

Authenticity is key to my approach too. If you follow the Family photography side of the business, you will know that I don’t believe in perfection much rather search out authenticity, those real and relatable moment. Showing things how they really happened, no matter if it is ‘pretty’ or not.

So If you look over a full gallery of mine, you will see photos of what you had for breakfast, the state the house was in with all the bodies rushing around getting ready, what the weather was like, the mood, where people dumped their coats or hung up their hats, the food cooking, the toddler having a quick wee in the corner of the field, all the kisses and cuddles right up to your mate throwing up into a pint glass towards the end of the night (true story!) I love all this because it is real. Real moments, real emotions and feelings and real memories, because it really happened!

I LOVE shooting like this, I really honestly do. There are lots of other styles out there: Traditional / Contemporary / Alternative / Fine Art and Editorial. These all have a place in the market and I adopt some of these styles when I shoot specific parts of a wedding day, for instance, a more traditional approach for group photos and more towards an alternative style for your couple photos. But overall, documentary has my heart.