This is me dancing my ass off, eyes screwed up tight, weird toothy grin, having the best of times. I hate posing for photos, I really, really don’t like it so I do know how you feel… promise!

I love mega-hot curries and Thai food. My favourite place in the world: snuggled up on the sofa with my little people watching a Disney film. Or sitting on top of a snowy mountain with my snowboard strapped to my feet ready to ride some pow on a crisp, bluebird day. I can’t say no to a chocolate milkshake and I get the giggles, a lot, and sometimes at very inappropriate times. I dance like Ally McBeal to ‘plinky-plonky music’ when no one is around. I am petrified of Edwards Scissor Hands (he has scissors for hands, that is just not right!) but I do love the film Labyrinth! I also carry a bottle of Tabasco sauce with me in my bag wherever I go. 

In 2011 I married Andy, who I met at primary school! He is my bestest, best friend in the whole wide world, he is the guy that makes me laugh the hardest and he is the one that knows a Terry’s Chocolate Orange will fix everything!  Our wedding was one of the best days of my life, we could not stop smiling. Seeing all our friends and family together, dancing like loons, it was so amazing. Then in 2012, we said hello to our wild little boy and in 2014 our loopy little girl joined the clan. Now we are a complete and crazy family of 4.

I’ve been photographing weddings, families and lots of other stuff for over ten years now. I am based in Hampshire and mainly cover the South, (Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and London) but am happy to wander around the UK and all over Europe (I do love to travel!)

I love what I do, love meeting new people and am up for all kinds of adventures. So if you want images that are full of genuine, loving, fun moments and if you are the kind of people that think the small stuff is the big stuff then we are going to get along great.

My Happy Place