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Wedding Prices 2017/18

Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaak, you’re getting married, how very exciting!!!!  Keep that excitement, don’t get bogged down with the details and the rules, the would be’s, should be’s,  just plan a mahoooosive party, the way you two want to and have as much fun as possible!

Your wedding is going to be the best day ever. Happy faces, happy tears, hugging, drinking & dancing and so much fun. You have to chose a photographer that gets that and gets you.

No two weddings are the same and I love that. A chilled out festival vibe in the countryside, a quirky pub wedding in the middle of a city, a barn on a farm,  your mum and dad’s backgarden, an elopement; they each have such an exciting mix of styles and a totally new story to tell. (I get ridiculously excited about very odd venues, things that are a little left field and unconventional.)

I am all about feelings, emotions and having fun! They are the biggest thing I try to ensure that I convey when I am shooting. I am very relaxed and informal with a homely feel. I am nearly all documentary; I shoot what I see, I step back and watch and wait. The good stuff happens because you have your best people around you and because you are marrying your best friend in the whole wide world!

When I am at a wedding I want to tell the whole story. I want to see the happy smiles and the happy tears. The little sideways looks and hand squeezes that you give each other when standing together saying your vows. I want to see kids being a bit naughty flinging the space hoppers around on the grass, Aunt Sally a little bit tipsy on the wine, to later be busting some awful moves on the dance floor. I want to see you guys doing shots at the bar and getting a little messy with your friends. I want people to go crazy on the dance floor , Ill be right there with you for sure! I live your day with you from start to finish. I am the one that tells your story. That is a pretty big deal!

I have a couple of different pricing options to suit every kind of wedding, but by far the most popular choice is:

FULL DAY COVERAGE – from £1750
// with Kirsty //

If you are planning something a little different or only a need a few hours, drop me a line and I can put together a special little quote just for you.

If you are a happy go lucky couple that are looking for a fun, relaxed photographer that is more like a friend who takes cracking photos and if my images make you feel something then I would love to hear more about you, your story, how you met and where you are with your wedding plans.

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