Very useful questions & answers

Where are you based & do you travel?
I live in a little village in Hampshire and I love it. It is very green and muddy and very country. And yes, I love to travel, around the UK or abroad. I have a passport and would love to hop onto a plane and explore somewhere new.

Who comes to the wedding?
It is always me (always) and if you have a second photographer booked I call upon one of my super lovely, talented photography friends to come along and help me out for the day. They all have a very similar style and approach to me, you will be in safe hands.

Are you insured?
YES, YES, YES, I am fully insured. You would have to be a bit of a numpty not to be.

Do you do formal / group shots?
Yes absolutely, they are a must have at a wedding and these are the photos that your mum will want to hang on the wall or send to Aunty Pat. The formal shots are always dreaded but I keep it really casual and fun for everyone and do these super quick to keep everyone happy.

What of you mean by continuous coverage?
Continuous coverage means, exactly that. I start shooting from the agreed start time and I finish at the agreed end time. No matter what you have scheduled in-between that time or travel time 
 between venues. I am always working. I do not stop when you sit down to eat, I am busy
 backing up / scoping locations for a later shoot. I can not start and stop the clock.

Do you need food and a bed?
If I am traveling a long way from Hampshire or finishing super late then a bed is sometimes needed. Food – yes please, a hot meal whilst you guys are eating would be fab, then I am ready to rock when you have finished.

What happens if you are ill on the day?
I am lucky enough to be part of a superdoooooooper network of photographers, all over the UK and we all have each others backs. In the unlikely event anything happened to me, I could quickly get another photographer with a very similar style to shoot in my place.

When is the final balance due?
On the first day of the month, one month before your wedding day. An invoice will be sent to remind you.

How many images do we get & when do we get them?
The amount of images vary from wedding to wedding and depends on how many hours coverage you have. But you can expect to receive a minimum of 400 fully-edited images if I am covering the whole day.

What happens after the wedding?
I go home, backup and start editing [and I get really really excited looking back over the day]. 
 You will be able to view and download your photos online no later than 8-12 weeks after your wedding. 
 If for any reason this timescale changes I will let you know in writing.

What can/can’t we do with the images?
This is a good questions and an important one. I talk about it more in my T+C’s but overall
 I hold the copyright and you get the reproduction rights to your images so you can share, email, 
 print, create, as often as you like and as much as you like. All I kindly asks is that you not edit the
 images when sharing on social media as this may in turn create a false impression of my
 photography style.

You want me at your wedding – what happens next?
Yeahy – this is great news. I will check that your date is available we can meet and have a cuppa or have a quick skype/facetime to talk it all out. The more I know about you the better. I will then send you a booking form which needs to be returned with a non refundable booking fee of £500 then that is it… You are officially booked in.