Heartfelt & honest

Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaak, you’re getting married, how very bloody exciting!!!! I bet you have a tonne of ideas already, you know exactly how you want everything to look and maybe you have even made an appointment to go and try on a dress? Good – I like couples that know exactly what they want to do and actually go and do it!

When I am at a wedding I want to tell the whole story. Your nervous giggles in the morning. Your mum making sarnies for everyone, ‘You must eat, you have a big day ahead of you’. I want to see the transformation from the giggly girl in your pjs, with your hair set in rollers to the beautiful bride standing in her dress surrounded by your loved ones. I want to see the tears in your Dads eyes as he looks on at you, pride just bursting out of him. I want to see the fellas fumbling around in the morning trying to tie and tie, drinking a beer or two before 10am. I want to see your guests arriving and to feel that anticipation. I want to see the happy smiles and the happy tears. I want to see your Aunt Sally a little bit tipsy, busting some awful moves on the dance floor. I live your day with you guys, from start to finish. I am the one that tells your story. That is a pretty big deal!

I don’t just turn up on the day and click. I want to know you both first, know how you met, what your nicknames are for one another. I want to know who is the worst drunk, who washes up the most, what your favourite films are. I want to understand you as a couple, your vision for your wedding day, to share pictures, share ideas and get excited about it all with you guys.

If all of the above sounds like your cup of tea, then we are the same kind of people and I would love to hear from you. Full day coverage starts at £1750, so don’t be shy, say hello and tell me all about your plans so far and I can help you figure out what kind of coverage is going to be best for you. If you are doing something totally out of the box or eloping and would like a bespoke quote, then let me know. Oh, and I love to travel, I have a passport, so a wedding abroad… YEAHY!!!