When I grow up

It’s so very cliche but blink and you miss it. Kids don’t stay kids for long. Tiny hands, grubby faces, crumbs on the floor. Funny sayings, mispronunciations, fingerprints on the wall. It’s what makes home, home.

Being able to go into someone’s home and photograph a family just as they are is a very, very special thing and I love to do it. To watch a family grow, connect and play is a humbling experience.

I have been photographing families for quite a while now and I’m confident that this is the best way to get the good stuff from you. A walk in the woods or to your local park, a fry up, tickles, giggles, lots of playing, story reading, cake making, bath time. The day is yours to do what you like. I try to have no agenda, I’m led by you and I just go with the flow. So think about your typical Saturday/Sunday and start there.

The most important thing for me is realness. You don’t need to have a showroom home. Toys should be all over the place, dishes left on the side. Just be you. Children have tantrums, they don’t always share, they never do what they are meant to on cue so don’t get stressed trying to make them. Just play and be a family and let me capture everything that you love about your family.

I would love to hear from you. So don’t be shy, say hello and tell me all about your lovely family. We can throw some ideas around and I can help you figure out what kind of coverage is going to be best for you. If you are wanting something a little different again, maybe something with grandparents or pets, shout and we can devise a plan.