When I grow up

It’s so very cliche but blink and you miss it. Kids don’t stay kids for long. Tiny hands, grubby faces, crumbs on the floor. Funny sayings, mispronunciations and fingerprints all over the walls. Tears, tantrums, laughter and the love. It is all that stuff  that makes home, home.

Watch now

Since becoming a mum, family photography has become even more important to me. Photographing families at home, in their own space is such a special thing to do.

We all have your own quirks and our own routines, I want to embrace exactly that.  When I capture families I fit with you just capture things that happen as they happen. The tickles, the giggles, the messy bed hair, grubby faces, the occasional tantrums, the chaos, the beautiful mess that is your life and most importantly all the love.

The stuff that is happening around you right now is the good stuff. The normal, the everyday, the things that happen, just because. But it is the collection of all these tiny moments that make up the most important moments in the whole wide world.


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