How long will you be with us?

Anything from 2-5 hours depending on what session you have booked. I like to arrive a little bit before hand, meet you all, give big hugs, have a chat and a cuppa, and let the kids get used to me before I get my camera out.

What do we need to do?

Just be yourselves. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do. Dress in normal clothes and do your normal every day things. Just be together, be loving, give kisses and cuddles, play and have fun. That is all I need you to do.

Can we go out & about?

Yes absolutely, if that is what a normal day is for you. It is nice to break things up a little so a bit of adventuring outside would be great. I always have wellies in my car and my waterproofs, just in-case we find a big puddle to splash in.

What happens if one of us us ill on the day?

Please don’t panic, kids pick up and pass lurgies around a lot. If they/you are really poorly and want to re-arrange for another time it is no problem at all. We will find another date that works for everyone.

What can/can’t we do with the images?

This is a good questions and an important one. You
can pretty much do anything. I still hold the copyright but you get the reproduction rights to your images so you can share, email, print, create whatever you like, as often as you like and as much as you like.

Can we have other people around?

The sessions are designed around a day in the life of. It works best if it is just your little family and any pets that you might have. If you wanted to do something a little different and include grandparents or other family members, drop me a line and we can talk over other options to include you all.