About Me

Hellllllllllo I’m Kirsty, That’s me up there. Screwed up eyes, giggling my head off with my husband. I love mega hot curries and Thai food. My favourite place in the world: snuggled up on the sofa with my little people or sat on top of a snowy mountain with my snowboard strapped to my feet. I can’t say no to a chocolate milkshake, all the light switches have to face the same way in my house [yeah I know…] and I get the giggles a lot and sometimes at very inappropriate times!

I dance (like Ally McBeal) to ‘plinky plonky music’ when no one is around. I can’t say ‘Ferry Terminal’, I am petrified of Edwards Scissor Hands and I once ate a teaspoon of fat thinking that it was apple sauce (It was grim!) I love my family with everything that I have, they are my ‘why’ they are the ones that make me laugh the hardest, strive to do better and they are the ones that are always there for me.

In 2011 I married Andy, my primary school sweetheart who is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. It was the BEST day of my life and in 2012 we had a beautiful little boy called Noah who is the definition of crazy and in 2014 we welcomed our little girl Poppy into the clan. Now we are a complete and crazy family of 4.

I am a documentary photographer who loves working with couples and families that want to break from ‘tradition’ and do things differently [hoooooray] Your wedding should be what the two of you want, do it your way, in your own style not with all those stupid rules! I am all about the emotions the feelings and the fun! I want to document your day from start to finish and give you back an awesome collection of heartfelt images that  tell a proper story.

At your wedding, I will without a doubt cry at some point, I will laugh with you, I will be on hand for all sorts of emergencies, dress fixing, forgotten shoe collecting, once I even put a guest in the recovery position! I will be your right hand gal, ready to help out and capture some of the best times of your lives. Ultimately I want my couples to feel like I did on my wedding day, I could not stop smiling. I was so happy, so content. Surrounded by the people that I love. Dancing, drinking, hugging, laughing and even more dancing. I just can’t put the feelings that I felt into words but I know I want to be part of making those feelings for other people.

Since becoming a mum, family photography has become even more important to me. Photographing families at home is such a special thing to do. We all have your own quirks and our own routines, I want to embrace exactly that.  When I shoot families I fit with you just capture things that happen as they happen. The tickles, the giggles, the messy bed hair, grubby faces, the tantrums, the chaos, the mess and most importantly all the love. I want to see the real stuff, the good stuff, the things that makes you, you. (Here you can find out a little more.)

I am up for all kinds of adventures, so if you want to know more about wedding or family photography,  contact me and lets have a natter.