Alternative Natural & Heartfelt Storytelling Photography

I am an alternative wedding and family photographer based in Hampshire, UK and I bloody love my job. I love working with couples and families that want to break from ‘tradition’ and do things differently [hoooooray] the way they want too. Not how they think they should.

I am all about feelings and emotions, it is the biggest thing I try to ensure that I convey in my work. How do my images make you feel / can you see the real person in the photo. Do you get a real sense of what is going on? That is what I look for when I am shooting, telling real, honest, creative and heartfelt stories.

If my images make you feel something then you are my kind of person and I would love to hear more about you, your story so far and your wedding plans, so drop me a line and have a little look over some of my most recent work.

NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR 2017 – Really keen to hear from couples planning a destination wedding.

Recent work