Alternative Natural & Heartfelt Storytelling Photography

I am an alternative wedding and family photographer based in Hampshire, UK and I bloody love my job. I love working with couples and families that want to break from ‘tradition’ and do things differently [hoooooray] the way they want too. Not how they think they should.

No two weddings are the same and I love that. A chilled out festival vibe in the countryside , a quirky pub wedding in the middle of a city, a barn, a bark garden, your mum and dad’s house, an elopement; they each have such an exciting mix of styles, with different people and a totally new story to tell.

I am all about feelings and emotions, it is the biggest thing I try to ensure that I convey when I am shooting. I am proud to say I have a definite style: I shoot what I see but I also step back and look, I watch and I wait. The good stuff happens because you have your best people around you. My couples are all so good at letting me in and sharing that real emotion, letting me document the real and honest vibes of the day and by doing that they get a super creative and heartfelt story back to look over again and again.

If my images make you feel something then you are my kind of person and I would love to hear more about you, your story, how you met and where you are with your wedding plans, so drop me a line and have a little look over some of my most recent work.

NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR 2017/18 – And super keen to hear from couples planning a destination wedding.

Recent work